Weight Management Compounds

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Southland pharmacy is committed to helping the people in our community live happier and healthier lives. We have created unique weight management compounds to help you in your journey to better health.

If you are interested in a customized protocol tailored to your specific health needs and weight loss goals, fill out the form below and our pharmacist will call you directly!

Southland Pharmacy is Excited to offer Compounds for Weight Management

Southland Pharmacy offers customized, compounded products to help our patients in their weight management journey. When combined with diet and exercise compounded medications help in the reduction of body weight. Our compounds may suppress appetite and / or boost metabolism.

Common types of Weight Managment Compounds

  • There are several oral medications that can help in your weight management program. It is believed they can help suppress appetite by dialing down the brain’s “reward center”, thereby decreasing the quantity of dopamine released by the body creates when you eat.

    Bupropion: is a drug known as an NDRI (norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor). It prevents the brain from absorbing norepinephrine (a.k.a. adrenaline) and dopamine (otherwise known as the feel-good hormone). This is similar to how nicotine patches help with smokers, by helping reduce the excitement our body gets from food.

    LDN: otherwise known as (low dose naltrexone) appears to contribute to weight loss by a number of mechanisms. Some studies have shown that LDN may help curb your appetite by reducing the appeal of food. As a result, you start losing your cravings for food. LDN may also aid in the production of lean muscle mass by increasing the bodies growth hormones. Insulin resistance is another issue associated with weight gain, obesity, and a number of other diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. LDN helps reduce insulin resistance therefore, not only does it have the potential to help with weight loss, but it may also address other potential diseases!

    Supplements and vitamins: can be added to your oral weight loss medications to help with deficiencies found by doctor blood work. Many side effects of low vitamin d for example can have an in direct impact on weight loss. Supplementing your oral medications with vitamin d can decrease fatigue and increase time slept.

How to get started with Weight Managment Compounds

Southland pharmacy will be happy to speak to your provider and give recommended dosages to get you started on your weight loss journey. We can work with your doctor to tailor your dosages specifically to you! We can't wait to assist you in achieving your weight loss dreams and goals.

Call us or come in and speak with a pharmacist about your concerns!